Red Oak

Red oak is another moderately heavy, hard, and strong species.  It has a coarse grain and good machining and finishing characteristics.

White oak is typically rift or quarter-sawn, exposing the “fleck” that most people are familiar with from “mission” or “arts-and-crafts” furniture.  White oak is more rot resistant than red oak, with similar machining and finishing properties.

This is simply a clear top-coat, allowing the natural characteristics of the wood to be on display.

Wiping Stains
These finishes are achieved by applying a stain and wiping off the excess, allowing the natural wood grain to remain prominent.

Spray-No-Wipe Stains
These finishes are applied by spraying a toner on the wood to achieve an even, consistent color, particularly on wood species that tend to take stain unevenly.

Combination Stains
These finishes use both a wiping stain and a toner to achieve deep, rich colors.